Knitted sky blue tube necklace

This soft, sky blue tube necklace is extra long — over 7,5 meters! I knitted the necklace as one long tube and added a button closing. You can wrap it around your neck numerous times, either long and loose or tight and warm as a scarf, or in layers to create a tribal effect. The necklace can be worn together with various types of sweaters and blouses. It does not matter whether you wear a blouse with a collar or a sweater without a collar, this versatile necklace always looks good!


There is one white, cube shaped European style glass bead which you can place anywhere along the tube, or remove if you wish.

My trademark * S * is hand written using a pyrography pen to a piece of white leather placed near the opening. My hand written * S * shows where this necklace comes from.

For more information, please visit my Etsy shop.

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One Response to Knitted sky blue tube necklace

  1. soilevuo says:

    The hat in the photo is privately owned. However, you will find two hats made of the same teal paisley fabric in my Etsy shop:


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