Whimsical home decoration: A Modern klokkestreng made of fake fur fabric

DSC_5952Originally, ‘klokkestreng’ (= bell pull) refers to a thick cord attached to a bell which you could ring by pulling the cord. It was used in bourgeoise homes to call servants. Later on the cord developed into a narrow cross-stitching and the bell pull lost its original function and became a decorative object, from the late 19th century and onward.

They were popular in the 1960’s and 70’s in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Thick wool yarn was used and patterns were usually ornaments or floral. Cross-stitching was women’s activity while the wrought iron hardware were either purchased or made by young men of the families as school projects. There were numerous variations of the basic metal work and many of them had a ringlike form to the bottom as a reminder of the original function. Wrought iron was the most common material, but other metals and combinations of wood and metal were also used. Decorations varied. Sometimes there were two identical hardware at both ends, sometimes different ones, sometimes there were wool yarn fringes in the other end. ‘Klokkestreng’ is a true Scandinavian folk art form.

I find the klokkestreng tradition inspiring, but I want to explore new, unconventional variations. Here I have combined traditional style brass metalwork with modern, fake fur fabric to create a whimsical and humorous modern klokkestreng.

For more information on this wall decor, please visit my Etsy shop.

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