Mustard yellow knitted necklace. Scandinavian minimalist yarn jewellery.

DSC_5966This knitted necklace is simple and stylish — good old Scandinavian minimalism!

The necklace is a long tube and it can be worn in various ways: wrapped around the neck once, twice or three times, tied in knots, wrapped around your waist or as a body harness.

I used gold colored glitter yarn and mustard yellow yarn made of cotton and merino wool. The mustard yellow yarn is comfortably soft to use. However, I learned about the ethical problems with merino wool after purchasing this material, and I have decided not to buy more merino. This necklace is thus one of its kind and there will be no similar fiber jewellery from my home studio.

I added a button so the necklace is easy to use. As a special feature, I wrote my trademark * S * on a piece of matching yellow leather using a pyrography pen. My signature proves the necklace is hand made by me. Please visit my Etsy shop for more information.


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