Cobalt blue Russian Lomonosov tea cups and coffee sets

Enjoy Soviet luxury! Lomonosov is a legendary porcelain producer and their Soviet era products are collectibles in demand. I found a cardboard box full of various Lomonosov cups and saucers at a flea market in Finland. However, my own collection is complete already so I will sell these vintage USSR treasures in my Etsy shop.

The coffee cup set below is unusual. The spesial shaped cups are demitasse size as they serve about one deciliter of coffee. The set is complete with cups, saucers and servers for two persons. Perfect for special occasions!


The demitasse set is available in my Etsy shop.


Golden Frieze is a well known Lomonosov style. The sugar bowl with a lid and the creamer above match perfectly to your existing tea serving set. The sugar bowl is also suitable for serving jam. The creamer and the bowl are available in the vintage section of my Etsy shop. — The wheat motif tea cups and the serving plate below are sold.


This pair of cups and saucers is simple and elegant, yet festive, and the hallmark “Made in USSR” proves their authenticity. The 24 cm serving plate below matches the pair of teacups.


The lot I bought included also a couple of teacups without saucers. I am presenting a pair of odd cups for sale for persons who are looking for replacement of broken cups to their existing Lomonosov set. These cups are now sold.


Please visit my shop (link above) to see if I have found more vintage Lomonosov ‘Made in USSR’ treasures.



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