DIY tutorial: How to make cord organizers using recycled materials

Even when garments are worn out, materials like buttons, zippers, cords, and cord stoppers may still be reusable. Cord organizers are easy to make and practical, for example to tie up electric cords.


You need the following: cord stopper (cord lock), polyester or cotton cord, and matches to heat seal the ends, if you are using polyester cord.

DSC_7581 DSC_7583

Just cut the cord at desired length, heat seal the ends, pass through the cord stopper hole, and tie a knot. The fumes from heat sealing may be harmful, so please make sure you are protected. Make sure your working area is properly ventilated, or do the sealing outdoors and wear a face mask, if necessary.

DSC_7584  DSC_7585

Easy and practical!


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