Knitted body harness

When you hear ‘body harness’, what kind of body jewellery are you thinking about? Most likely black, brown or white leather and chrome or brass coloured buckles and D-rings. These materials signal power and toughness.

I find the idea of body jewellery fascinating and inspiring. Why would you settle for wearing jewellery around your neck when you have a whole body to wrap something around?

Body harness is connected to practices of discipline and punishment. As materials, sturdy leather straps and metal buckles and rings are hard, and the whole idea of harness gives an association of discomfort (even though a fitting harness actually is comfortable to wear).

I wanted to turn these associations around and play with the idea of a soft, stretchy, flexible and colourful body harness. I designed a collection of knitted body jewellery and harness, which is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.


This versatile body jewellery is minimalistic, avant garde, soft and comfortable, and whimsical as well as sensational and striking. It is a playful contrast to the black leather and chrome colour metal tradition of harness. A knitted tube can be tied and wrapped in many ways, and one size fits everybody! You will find this mint green body harness here.

You can also wear a knitted rope as a statement necklace.


This mustard yellow necklace is available here. It is so long it can be worn as scarf, and the possibilities to tie it as a harness are endless.


A beige knit body harness becomes dramatic when combined with a black blouse. For more information on this beige harness, please visit my shop here.

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