How to make Norwegian krumkake waffles

Krumkake waffles are traditional Christmas cookies in Norway. These crispy, thin waffles are rolled in cone form and filled with jam and whipped cream. They are made with a special pan called ‘krumkakejern’, krumkake iron, which leaves a beautiful, floral pattern to the waffles.

Krumkake dough is easy to make. You need equal amount of eggs, wheat flour, sugar, and butter. First decide how many eggs you want to use, break them and weigh them. Then take equal weight of sugar, flour, and butter.

I used one egg which weighs 56 grams, and as many grams of the other ingredients.


Whip eggs and sugar. Add flour and melted butter and mix. Let the dough rest about an hour.

Heat the pan, add about a spoonful of dough and press the lid down.


In my experience the first 2-3 waffles always fail, so do not worry. Add some butter it they stick to the pan (later on you will not need to use any extra butter). You can fry one side only or flip the pan around and fry the upper side as well. The waffles are thin and burn easily. After the failed waffles, the frying will go nicely, the waffles do not stick to the pan, and you have an idea of how many minutes the frying time is.

Some butter will leak during frying so this baking is a little bit messy.


Roll each waffle into a cone while they still are hot. There are special krumkake rolls for this purpose but I do not possess such a thing. Instead, I use a rolling pin.


Rolled krumcakes cool quickly and stay rolled. Fill them with jam and whipped cream, ice cream, or anything you wish. Here is the result of my test baking. One egg dough became seven krumcakes (plus the 2-3 disaster waffles). They could be prettier and more even in color, but this is the second time I make krumcakes, so I’m pretty pleased.


The krumcake maker I used to make these waffles is sold.

Whenever I find a genuine Norwegian vintage cast iron waffle maker, I list it in my shop. Please visit the ‘Vintage & supplies’ section here:

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