How to use Norwegian ‘gorojern’ pizzelle iron

Update 21 December 2016: Please visit my Etsy shop to see available cast iron waffle makers. The original blog post below.


I found this fantastic, vintage ‘gorojern’ pizzelle iron at a fleamarket. A gorojern is a sturdy, heavy, cast iron frying pan to make traditional Norwegian waffles named ‘goro’. It is produced by Jøtul in Norway, a famous producer of ovens. The frying plates of the goro iron are delicately formed and leave a fantastic, floral pattern to the waffles. This cast iron waffle press is not suitable for gas stoves or induction stoves.

I have tried to make real goro with a recipe I found searching the web, but it was complicated and took lots of time and effort. I simply gave up. Now I made another attempt, using krumkake recipe instead. Please see my earlier blog post where I explain my krumkake baking.


Real goro dough should be rolled flat and cut into shape before baking, but I just added a spoonful of krumkake dough, fried, and cut the waffle into shape while it was hot.

DSC_7625 DSC_7624

This goro iron has heating bottom on the both sides. It can be easily flipped over with the help of a iron ball behind the hinge.


The first 2-3 goro always fail, but when you continue baking, you will soon notice that the waffles become easy to make and they do not stick to the pan. It takes some time to get a hang of the baking time, but the result is fantastically beautiful goro shaped waffles! Baking is a bit messy as the fat and some dough run out of the iron, so you need to wipe the stove clean regularly.

Goro is traditional Christmas cookie in Norway. This goro iron is vintage ware of unknown age. The black handles are probably bakelite and there is hallmark “Jøtul Norway”. This is the type of goro iron your Norwegian granny used, and a quality ware like this will last forever 😉

This goro iron is now sold.

Whenever I find a genuine Norwegian vintage cast iron waffle maker, I list it in my shop. Please visit the ‘Vintage & supplies’ section here:

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7 Responses to How to use Norwegian ‘gorojern’ pizzelle iron

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  2. Estrella E Malonzo says:

    How thin are these goro cookies?

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  3. I need better instructions on how these cookies should be made. I have a Pizzeele Iron #504(on box). No. 4 stamped on iron. Help. I either need to use or sell.


  4. Hope you can help . Thank you says:

    Hi yes help i have a vintage krumkaka pan from norway my grand mothers ball latch over the stove and I’d like to know why cookies are sticking and not cooking why its smoking and butter running everywhere my batter wasnt liguid i followed the diections and what is the best way to clean .


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