How to fix a hole in the knee of your (favourite) pants

You love your old pants, but they are worn and now there is a hole in the knee. Fix it, and you will have some more time to wear your favourite pants. I will show you how how I fix these pants. Here is the hole:


The pants are tight and made of elastic fabric. The hole should be fixed in a way which maintains the elasticity and preferably, looks as okay as possible, or even add something extra to the pants.

First, remove stitches on one of the leg seams about 20 cm above and 20 cm below the hole. Choose the seam which is easier to work on.


These pants are made of stretch cotton, but I do not have any stretch cotton fabric remnants in matching colors. Therefore I cut a piece out of black linen fabric, but since it is not stretchy, I cut the piece for a patch in diagonal. Cut this way, the patch will stretch to some extent.


Place the patch on the reverse side under the hole, nail or batch in place and sew back and forth making a starlike pattern. Use straight stretch stitch or narrow zigzag. Sew the side seam.

DSC_7956 The starlike pattern makes the fix stretchy and the tight pants are as comfortable to use as they were before. This fixing is especially suitable in kids’ pants. You can use thread in matching or contrasting colour.

DSC_7957 Not bad at all!


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