DIY Idea: How to make a fur capelet

Does your winter outfit lack something? Why not sew a fur capelet which reminds of fantasy style? Like in TV-series Game of Thrones and the Vikings.


I bought a sheep hide from an interior shop (in was intended as a seat cover) and made a paper pattern.


A dressmaker doll makes it easier to see where darts should be placed. I marked the darts with a pencil and cut them open in the middle. I needed six darts in total.


I used a leather needle, a teflon presser foot and fastened the darts with clips. My sewing machine complained as this was about as much as it could take. It may help to cut the fur shorter inside the darts but you should be careful not to cut anything that becomes visible when the work is finished.


Pieces of black leather hold two large D-rings. The cape is tied with hand-felted wool rope.


The capelet keeps my back nice and warm in wind and snow.


I sell wool rope scarves and necklaces in my Etsy shop.

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