Sewing ideas: Fabric trash bag and a floor mat for your car

I used to have plastic bags in my car for trash, but as I am reducing the use of plastic I made a re-usable, fabric trash bag. My large selection of fabric remnants was, once again, very useful. I combined grey cotton-polyester fabric and pieces of coated and waterproof fabric which is commonly used in kitchen table cloths.


The bag is easy to empty and to wipe clean after use. It is sturdy enough to stand upright, yet soft and flexible. Since the seams of the coated fabric are not sealed, the bag will not hold larger quantities of liquids.


The bag is easy to place in a car. The grey fabric is in harmony with the interior of the car and the orange color of the waxed fabric gives a refreshing contrast.


With a D-ring and a strap, the bag can be secured in place for example around an arm rest like in this car.


The bottom of the bag is a rectangle with round corners.


A crocheted floor mat makes it easier to relax on a longer journey when I can take off my shoes. Chunky jersey yarn is easy to use, a car size rug is fast to crochet and it feels good under your feet.


I used a thick crochet hook and worked single crochet stitches in rows and edging.


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