My Dragon Lamp dresses for all the celebrations of a year

I have a fantastically kitsch and silly dragon lamp in my living room. I have made appropriate accessories for the dragon to mark all the celebrations of a year. Here is an Easter witch hat made of a cardboard cone, yellow wool fabric, feathers and decor eggs.


I am pretty pleased with the hat. I made another outfit to celebrate the Independence Day in Finland. My intention was to make a humorous commentary on the strong military emphasis of the Finnish Independence Day tradition. This hat imitates the white fur hats worn by high rank officers. Medals are made of champagne bottle cork caps and decor ribbons.


I also have a fantastic 1st of May outfit, as well as wedding anniversary decor and Midsummer headpiece for the dragon. I will post photos later. You can sure imagine how the dragon’s Christmas outfit looks like (actually that is the most boring of them all). What kind of items have you got in your home which you could decorate with seasonal effects? A gnome? An animal figurine? A large plant?

The 1st of May is one of my favourite holidays. My dragon lamp dresses up like a graduate from engineering studies, into a white cap with a black tassel. If you have experienced the eve of the 1st of May in Finland, you will understand.


The dragon’s Yule outfit is very simple. I really need to make something much more stunning next year!


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