Luxurious linings. The inside of a hat matters.

Your hat should look good in the eyes of the other people, but do not belittle the inside of the hat either. Lining must be practical and comfortable to wear, and the sweatband should not leave a nasty red stripe to your forehead. None of these is enough. The inside of a hat must be luxurious as well. No one sees it but you know it is there. You see it when you put your hat on, and it gives you a good feeling. Here are some examples of the hats I have made. Please visit my Etsy shop for more information. This emerald green leather hat is lined with fantastic, shiny duchesse. The sweatband is made of soft, comfortable silk and finished with a satin bias band in contrasting purple color. DSC_6164 dsc_2495 This hat is practical and comfortable. The purple fabric is windproof and the lining is made of wool blend fabric. The colors are a nice mix of harmonious and contrasting tones. I used paisley pattern teal color velveteen to make this cap. The lining is made of beautiful sky blue silk fabric with Thai language print. I have no idea what the text is about. Anyway, the combination is fabulous! The sweatband is finished with bias band in purple satin. DSC_5263-001 I combined burgundy red cotton fabric and warn and soft pink cotton flannel in this hat. My trademark * S * is hand written on a piece of leather. DSC_6230 DSC_6145In this hat I combined striped cotton and black linen for comfort. The sweatband is decorated with fuchsia pink band. I used purple cotton batik fabric to the lining of this grey wool blend fabric cap. Green bias band makes an interesting contrast. DSC_5479 DSC_5473Here is another version of the teal paisley velveteen and sky blue silk. Lilac satin matches perfectly. Please visit my Etsy shop to find these hats, any many more.

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