Soilevuo signature • S •

I sign my products with my signature which looks like this:  • S •


My signature shows the item in question is designed and hand made be me in my home studio. Each signature is hand written on a piece of leather using a pyrography pen. In other words, burnt, written using heat. I then sew these pieces of leather into the hats, scarves, necklaces, makeup pouches, and other items I make for sale. Small pieces of leather stand gentle hand washing and signatures burnt on leather do not disappear.

DSC_6140I often use pieces of leather I have had stored since the 1980’s. I also use recycled leather. I cannot know whether these pieces are chrome tanned or vegetable tanned. Therefore I write the signatures outdoors and use protection to avoid being exposed to toxic fumes of chrome.

Even though I prefer using environmentally friendly materials, I also consider whether it is better to buy new materials or use existing materials, even though their origin is unknown to me. In this case I think it is better to use all the old leather I have in stock before buying new.

• S • means designed and hand made by Soilevuo, the owner of soilevuo art&crafts. You can read the story behind the name here.

This is the photo in my business card, chalk on rock.


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